Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Admission

How does the admissions process work? Because coming to terms with the fact that you need professional help can be quite overwhelming in and of itself, dual diagnosis treatment centers do everything in their power to ensure that the admissions process is as simple and straightforward and possible. As soon as you make the decision to give us a call, we set to work determining which dual diagnosis treatment center will be the best match for you and your unique, individualized needs.

In order to make this decision, we conduct a brief pre-assessment over the phone, during which we ask a series of non-invasive questions. Once the pre-assessment is complete we run a no-obligation insurance benefits check to determine how much of your dual diagnosis treatment experience is covered. At Voices of Mental Health, we believe that quality clinical care should be readily accessible, therefore the treatment centers we work with accept most major insurance providers.

Once we have determined all of the above, we put you in direct contact with the dual diagnosis treatment center that we feel is the best fit for you. They will then help you develop stress-free and uncomplicated travel plans and set up a date and time for your intake. Sadly, many individuals who are suffering at the hands of a co-occurring disorder do not end up receiving the clinical care they so desperately need – either because they are under the impression that dual diagnosis treatment is unaffordable, or because they are unaware of the extensive resources that are available to them.

There is no reason to continue struggling. Simply give us a call today and we will do everything in our power to get you started on your own personal journey of dual diagnosis disorder recovery as quickly as possible.

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We are here to help people with mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders that come with various addictions. We do this by providing information, resources, answers, and connecting men, women, and families with dual diagnosis treatment centers.

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