Can Anxiety Affect Personal Relationships?

Can Anxiety Ruin Personal Relationships?

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health condition throughout the country, affecting roughly 40 million American adults every single year. This equates to over 18 percent of the total American population. While anxiety disorders are easily treatable with a combination of behavioral therapy and medication, it is estimated that only 37 percent of men and women who struggle with anxiety receive the professional treatment they need. the causes behind anxiety will differ on a person to person basis, but usually include some combination of genetic predisposition, personality, environmental factors, and brain chemistry.

Many individuals who struggle with anxiety also suffer from a co-occurring disorder like substance abuse or depression. In fact, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, nearly one-half of men and women who are diagnosed with anxiety are also diagnosed with depression. Individuals who struggle with this mental health condition experience a wide range of personal consequences as a direct result. Once this condition is adequately treated, dealing with these consequences and with the challenges one faces in day-to-day life becomes far easier. If you have been struggling with untreated anxiety and you are looking to get the professional help you need, Voices of Mental Health is available to help.

The Link Between Anxiety and Personal Relationships

Anxiety affects personal relationships in a variety of different ways. Individuals who suffer from anxiety and have not yet sought professional help typically experience the following problems:

  • They are overly dependent because their anxiety makes them nervous to be alone. When they are alone they feel uncomfortable, stressed out, and restless. Of course, the ability to be happy when alone is extremely important.
  • People who suffer from anxiety tend to be tense and are rarely at ease. This state of anxiety can make those they spend time with uncomfortable.
  • Some people who suffer from anxiety will prefer to be alone, and their relationships might be affected because they regularly engage in social isolation. Many people who suffer from a general anxiety disorder or panic attacks will also suffer from some degree of social anxiety and will prefer to spend ample time by themselves.
  • People who suffer from untreated anxiety will find it difficult to suddenly maintain healthy personal boundaries. They might let other people walk all over them because they are afraid they won’t like them otherwise, or they might compromise their well-being to be a part of a certain relationship.

Overcoming Anxiety Disorders

Overcoming anxiety disorders is far from impossible, but the right combination of clinical care and medication-assisted treatment must be in place. There are many medications utilized to treat anxiety, but these medications must be coupled with intensive one-on-one and group therapy sessions. A comprehensive approach to treatment is always the most effective when it comes to treating anxiety disorders of any kind.

Voices of Mental Health

At Voices of Mental Health, we specialize in providing men and women who are suffering from mental health disorders with the information they need to get started on the road to recovery. Our team consists of numerous experts in the field of mental health – experts with combined decades of experience. These licensed therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists have extensive experience treating conditions like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, and substance use disorders.

Not only does our team of professionals provide insight and information, but they provide support and encouragement, and a wide range of recovery-related services. For example, if you are looking for a reputable dual diagnosis treatment center, they will be able to help with placement. For more information on the services that Voices of Mental Health provides, or to learn more about anxiety and its effect on personal relationships, reach out to us today.

Medically Reviewed: September 25, 2019

Dr Ashley

Cayla Clark, BA

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All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional.